Getting it all working perfectly

13. August 2013

Had a great time working at Bohemia Interactive UK. Creating and importing characters and vehicles into VBS2 simulator. Many thanks to an amazing crew!


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Land Rover Series 2

11. October 2012

Land Rover Series 2

 landrover Series 2

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12. September 2011

The latest vehicle to be created is the Scimitar 2. A new addition and improvement on the Scimitar 1 with a larger chasis with a rear door to accomodate passengers and equipment.

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04. January 2011

Jackal-2 British Army  4X4 SRV made for Arma2 game engine.





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Mil mi-17 support helicopter

09. April 2010

This is a development from the older mi-8 transport helicopter to a current mi-17 support helicopter. This model is almost ready for export to the Battlefield 2 and Arma 2 game engines.



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Project reality Version 0.9 has been released!

23. February 2010

The chinook and a few more models iv'e made make their debut appearance in the latest version of our award winning Project Reality multiplayer.

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Mil Mi-8 Transport Helicopter.

17. February 2010

Here's a new Russian Mil Mi-8 helicopter. Developed to be an in game transport and support helicopter for an upcoming game project.



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British army land rover WMIK (Weapons Mounted Installation Kit)

04. September 2009

Additions have been made to our current land rover to suit the new Afghanistan maps coming out for Project Reality. Once the vehicle is imported into the game it will have a .50 caliber and a general purpose machine gun mounted onto it.


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British army supply truck

31. July 2009

Another vehicle, this time the MAN HX 18.330 4X4 Truck of the british army,.. for project reality!


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18. June 2009

I have been very busy lately making supply trucks, command vehicles, tents, computers and comms devices plus many props including this buddha model created as a statue for project reality.


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